I’ve been practicing with Rebecca at Palm Yoga for a little over a year. As a professional athlete conjoining mind and body and being able to navigate stillness through breathing is a level we all aspire to reach and maintain. Rebecca has helped me cultivate a heightened sense of awareness in my body through asana practice that carries over to my performance in training and competition. Her knowledge of the poses and proper technique is so extensive I never leave a session without learning something new about yoga and about myself. Even her restorative yoga sessions (especially ones that feature the yoga wall!) jump start my body’s recovery so that I can later push it to its limits. I truly believe she has helped improve me as an athlete, person, and helped contribute to my successes bringing home two gold medals this year at the Rio Olympic Games. Palm Yoga is worth a try, it’s life changing.

Tianna Bartoletta 3x Olympic Gold Medalist

Tianna Bartoletta

3x Olympic Gold Medalist, Aspiring Yogi

I have been a client of Palm Yoga since January of 2010. I suffered a mild stroke in 2008 and someone suggested that I take up yoga. I did my research, found Palm Yoga, and it has been a true blessing in my life. I spoke with Rebecca (the owner) and she welcomed me. I love her warm spirit. I was a little afraid at first, but Rebecca modified each yoga move to suit me. I have improved tremendously with my balancing, flexibility and strength. I have also learned how to relax more and breathe; being a “stress-free” as possible.

When I first started my practice, I needed two chairs and couldn’t even get on the floor. After eight months of consistent practice, I was able to sit on the floor – a huge milestone for me. Some other milestones are I can do downward facing dog and tree pose, even on my weaker side. My neurologist is so impressed with how I have improved, he is recommending yoga to his other patients.

Rebecca and her staff are the BEST. The other students, now friends, are wonderful. I pray that God continues to have Palm Yoga in my life.

Jerry M.

I have been a loyal client of Palm Yoga for 2.5 years. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rebecca Wood and her amazing team of yoga instructors. I have a spinal issue, and from the start, everyone made sure that I was comfortable and able to participate to my ability. The studio is warm and welcoming and all yoga props are provided. I chose to buy my own props which can be purchased at Palm Yoga. The schedule of classes meet my needs, and there are a variety of workshops to attend as well. Yoga has made a significant impact on my physical and mental health, and I thoroughly enjoy being a part of the Palm Yoga family!!

Megan H.

I have been taking classes at Palm Yoga for over three years and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Becky is an excellent instructor who takes the time to learn what your strengths and weaknesses are and offers poses to meet your needs. At 65, I am now more flexible, have better balance, and a stronger core than when I was 50 due to my participation at Palm Yoga.

Margo P.

I have practiced yoga for almost 18 years and been a loyal client of Palm Yoga for 8.5 years. The knowledge that Rebecca brings to Palm Yoga clients is top notch. She can have a full class & she somehow manages to make you feel like you are taking a private class with her. She personalizes the class to fit your body and its needs. Rebecca wants to ensure that you receive the full benefit of each class and pose by offering props and/or adjustments. She mixes it up by offering specialty classes and workshops so you are always learning. The yoga wall is amazing. Everyone should practice yoga and they should come to Palm Yoga.

Melissa B.

The classes at Palm Yoga are great – I do flow classes once a week and technique classes once a week. The classes are structured in a way that allows me to get into poses I never thought I could do. They offer pose alternatives when the pose is too tough for that day. What I like about Palm Yoga is they make my practice valuable – my body gets the satisfaction it needs after a long day of sitting at work in front of a computer. Palm Yoga is well equipped with props and a yoga wall, a wonderful tool to hang and stretch your entire body with little to no effort. I have been a client at Palm Yoga for years and I truly enjoy the benefits of practicing yoga the right way. And it truly does help my golf swing!

Vikki J.

There is no comparison from the yoga Becky teaches and yoga classes I have taken in the past. Past yoga classes at gyms or with “wanna be” instructors consisted of a sweaty up dog, down dog type exercise with little to no instruction, while you gaze over at the limber person who can bend themselves like a pretzel. At Palm Yoga, we use the supplied props to work ourselves into different stretches and poses with instruction which allows us to get the maximum benefit with whatever flexibility you have. I always have and will continue to recommend Palm Yoga to anyone interested in yoga.

Jon T.

I have been going to Palm Yoga for a little over three years and I LOVE IT! I love how individualized they are…they get to know your issues and work with you in order for you to have a beneficial experience. All of the instructors are do equally well at encouraging you to do what you can while motivating you to challenge yourself. I am only able to attend one class each week for now but I definitely feel a difference with my body and mind. You get to know the instructors and the regular classmates…I feel like I belong to a little yoga community!

Gayle M.

I love my experiences at Palm Yoga! The instructors are very knowledgeable and encourage you to make the most of your practice. The experiences gained will go well beyond the studio. The studio offers something for everyone. If you are looking for an authentic studio to start practicing or to continue your practice, this is it. Your practice will be customized to fit one person…you!

Riki B.

I’ve been a member for five years and can’t believe how much better I feel. The instructors are fantastic. I get individualized attention in making my poses the best they can be as my practice improves. I don’t know how they have the patience to continually give me the hope that someday I will be able to do a tree pose without falling over.

Terri B.

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