All Levels Yoga

All Levels Technique: This class is a step up from our Yoga for Beginners class. Here you will refine the basic poses, learn new poses, and understand how to apply what you learn in class to life outside the studio. All Levels also introduces new breathing techniques (pranayama) to students and incorporates some meditation instruction, as well. Appropriate for all students, we customize the practice to meet the needs of each student with props and/or pose variations. Whether you are in the Flow class or Technique class, our instructors are skilled in helping students of all levels feel comfortable, learn the poses, and enjoy the practice of yoga in each and every class!

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* new students only, residents of Tampa Bay

Class Packs:

Class packs must be used within six months of purchase.
10 classes - $170


We offer two membership options: six months or annual. The six month membership must be paid in full. Annual may be paid in full or in monthly payments.
5 classes/month - $80/month or $450
9 classes/month - $110/month or $625
Unlimited classes/month - $129/month or $750
Memberships have a 30-day cancellation policy.

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